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Pink Diamonds Are Hot!!!

When we think diamonds most of us think of a clear-white sparkly rock but did you know diamonds come in a huge array of colors?

Written By Julie Richter

On 5 Aug, 2022

There are many gorgeous variations of color in natural diamonds ranging from yellow, cognac, peach, purple, blue, pink and red (the rarest color of all). 

We are super excited to hear about the recent discovery of the Angola mined pink diamond weighing approximately 170 carats,  the largest natural pink diamond on record in over 300 years.  Nicknamed after the mine itself, “Lulo Rose” will undergo precision cutting to retain as much of its weight as possible though it still may result in losing half by the time it is cut and finished.  We await with eager curiosity to see the finished product.

Why are pink diamonds so valuable?

So what makes Pink diamonds so prestigious and pricey?.

Rarity of course.  There are only a few locations in the world pink diamonds have been found. 

The Kollur mine in Andhra Pradesh, India is credited as the first mine to produce a first pink diamond. In the 17th and 18th centuries, pink diamonds were found in the Minas Gerais region in Brazil.

Diamonds were also located in Russia, South Africa, Canada, Tanzania, and Siberia. Those found in Brazil and South Africa have a secondary colour making them appear a brownish shade.

Presently, in 2020, 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds is produced in Australia at the Argyle mine.  But breaking down the numbers, around 14 million carats of diamonds are mined, polished and marketed each year. Approximately 0.01% of these are coloured diamonds, and only 0.0001% of the 0.01% are pink diamonds. 

Unfortunately, the Argyle mine may be coming to a close.  The extraction costs are more expensive as the mine becomes deeper. It ultimately renders the site unviable even though diamonds are still present in the mine which makes this recent find in Angola extra exciting to know we may have another viable source for natural pink diamonds. 

Often seen on the hands of wealthy celebrities, linking pink diamonds to luxury goods in many cases costing hundreds of thousands per carat.

According to GIA

“Of the millions of diamonds mined each year, only 0.001% can qualify as fancy colors and only a handful can achieve the top grades of intense and vivid”

What makes a pink diamond, pink?

The 4C’s of diamonds are important when it comes to diamonds but colored diamonds are graded slightly differently in the category of color.

The most notable component in determining their coloration is from trace elements that were present at its formation, such as nitrogen for yellow and boron causing blue hues on the gemstone spectrum.

A diamond’s hue can be altered by certain minerals found during its growth process. The most remarkable thing about pink diamonds is that no one knows what makes them pink.

There are many theories, the most common is that pressure is what causes this candyfloss color, although no one knows for sure.

Pink is on trend!   And not just in diamonds.  We offer an array of pink gemstones such as pink tourmalines and pink garnets. 

Don’t just take our word for it!

Marie Claire wrote

“In 2022, one color has reigned supreme above them all: hot pink. The hot pink fashion trend of 2022 has taken over just about every article of clothing as of late”

Harpers Bazaar also went on to say

“Flashes of the shade reappeared in a big way on spring/summer 2022 runways from Alexander McQueen to Dior to Versace”

“Away from the catwalk, celebrities are fuelling the hot pink movement. Rihanna announced her pregnancy in a vintage Barbie-coloured Chanel coat and baggy jeans, while Kim Kardashian has taking a shining to Balenciaga’s searingly-bright looks.” – Said Vouge.

As you can see, pink is really on trend and looks to stay that way into 2023.

Support the latest fashion trend by accessorizing with pink gems!

Whilst every girl dreams of a pink diamond, there are a plethora of other candy-coloured jewels that pack that “wow factor”. Gems such as Pink Tourmaline, Pink Spinel,  Morganite to Rose Quartz plus lots of others all offer unique colors, shades and characteristics perfect for any occasion or outfit.

We’ve put together a few ideas of pink gem jewellery to give you some inspiration:


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